Strathallan Business Centre – Who are we? What do we do?

Strathallan Business Centre is the brain child of Donna Butchart.  As a working mum running her own company, Donna had experienced the challenges so many business owners and working parents face.  That is why when she set up the Centre it was to make everyone’s life easier.

She founded Strathallan Business Centre in 2022, setting up Strathallan House as the first business centre.  She took the building and completely refurbished it so that it provides a fresh, vibrant work environment for our members.

With the warm, unique coworking and office space members who sign up for the facilities also have access to the concierge service. We at Strathallan Business Centre will act as a facilitator so the everyday personal tasks that cut into your working hours and effect your business are taken care of as you walk in. This could be anything from getting a key cut, organising your drycleaning or finding an outfit for the unexpected world book day.

Beyond providing you with beautiful facilities and helping you with your personal tasks we also offer expertise and back-office support for your business. Again, so you can get back to doing what you do best. We call this our Shared Services, including telephone answering, registered office address, accountancy services or marketing and sales. All this makes your business life easier and gives you a professional edge.

What sets us apart is our Baseline Benchmark Blueprint methodology. This allows us to constantly review your business at a point in time and provide you with analytics to see the ineffectiveness in your business and how Strathallan Business Centre has helped.

Following on from this growth and success was the opening of Oaklands Court in St Albans as the second business centre, providing a dedicated area particularly suited to the tech-community with space for workshops, programming and for solution design. 

More recently we have opened the doors at Seagate House in Dundee.  This business centre has the added advantage of pop-up sales space for those members who are looking to sell merchandise directly to corporate clients or through resellers.  It is currently being used by our client The Christmas Elves.

Our latest business centre is in Taygate where we have a specialist trades centre.  This business centre has safe storage and overnight parking for those with supplies and vans.  We have also created pay-and-grab tool kits for the key trades which can be picked up each morning.

Location Hubs

We have locations in Hemel Hempstead and St Albans in Hertfordshire and two locations in Dundee, one of which is a specialist centre for our Trade clients.


This comes with anyone who subscribes to our membership. We act as a facilitator for your personal everyday tasks that usually cut into your working day.

Shared Services

From accounting, PA services, marketing, HR or IT we are the one stop shop for your business needs. You receive expert advice and services in one place that allows you to focus on the work that you do best.