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We create bespoke shared service plans

We provide a range of shared services at Strathallan Business Centre that are designed to take away the work headache.  By using us to help with answering the phone, dealing with monthly invoices, chasing payments, setting appointments or finding new clients it leaves you free to concentrate on the real work.

Business Advisory
  • Strategy and planning
  • Support and guidance
PA Services
  • Telephone answering
  • Registered office address
  • Job management and calendar booking system
Marketing & Sales
  • Complete rebranding
  • Bidding and tenders
Accounting Services
  • Monthly invoicing
  • VAT Returns

Our mission

Baseline, Benchmark and Blueprint Assessment

We provide your company with our BBB assessment. Our methodology allows for constant improvement to your business and to succeed industry standards. Get your assessment for £260excl. VAT today, or get it for free if you sign up for any shared services with Strathallan Business Centre.

Baseline measurements are used to compare your results at a point in time. The current observations are compared to future improvements.

Benchmark measurements are used to compare your results to the competition, industry standards or your organisations aspirations.

The Blueprint establishes the foundations of a coherent future business model that considers the organisation, processes, technology and information as a compelling and comprehensive solution.

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