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Overview of services

  • Registered Address
  • Telephone Answering Service
  • Job Management Service
  • Calendar Management

Registered office address service

We have a number of registered office address services available starting from £12.50* a month.  Each one can be flexed to make it the right approach for you and your company.  The typical services are:

  • Registered office address and collation of official post for collection
  • Registered office address and free mail forwarding of official post
  • Registered office address and electronic forwarding of official post
  • Registered office address and forwarding of general business post

The requirement of every limited company to have an address where official correspondence, such as letters from Companies House, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) or court documents can be sent means you need a registered office address.

We have a choice of registered office addresses across the UK, allowing you to immediately create a professional company image and protecting your privacy.

We tailor our Registered Office Address service to our clients, giving you the choice of free mail forwarding, scanning or emailing of your official mail.  We can also provide a service for general business correspondence which means that it negates the need for your personal address to appear on the public register.

Case study

As our clients move from sole traders to limited companies, they choose one of our business centres to become their registered office address. 

By using this service, our clients have an enhanced company image when they are corresponding with clients and prospects, as well as protecting their privacy by not having a personal address on the public register.

Telephone answering service

We have a number of telephone answering services available.  Each one can be flexed to make it the right approach for you and your company.  The typical services are:

  • Telephone answering on an existing telephone number or dedicated telephone number
  • Call forwarding to named individuals
  • Appointment making and quote estimations
  • Job management and calendar booking

Always having someone to pick up the phone when clients and suppliers calls is essential.  We provide a dedicated service to answering your phones, so that we become a natural part of you and your business. 

Our highly experienced team will not only be able to confidently answer all your calls, they will be able to respond as effectively and knowledgeably as you.

Whether you want us to simply take messages, provide quotes or set up appointments, we become an extension to your business so that you can carry on with your work.

Case study

Our clients often require regular telephone answering throughout the working week, one example is our travel specialist who organises international holidays and excursions abroad.  We act as the telephone answering service, taking messages from clients, completing new business forms for potential customers and forwarding calls for urgent messages.

Using our telephone answering service means that the client’s office-based team have total cover for all calls, confident in the knowledge that all important messages are being taken and actioned.


We provide tailored services to clients so that we can build the right solution for you.

For a client on the basic service, which simply involves taking messages between 10am – 6pm Monday to Friday, and receiving less than ten calls a week they would expect to pay £35* a month.

This is compared to our bespoke service for a trade client from the initial call, taking the customer through the selected script and providing an estimated quote. We would then confirm the job with yourself, call the customer back and book into your chosen calendar system. This means you get all your customer calls answered regardless on whether you are on a current job. For an average of 10-15 calls a week prices would be from £400* a month.

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